Medina Sidonia

First founded by the Phoenicians and the Romans and then later nurtured by the Moors and the Christians, Medina Sidonia is steeped in history and culture. Characterized by its medieval walls and archways and its traditional Reja fronted houses and cool internal patios, Medina has retained a real feeling of time standing still and charming authenticity.


At nearly 350metres above sea level Medina Sidonia is renowned for its unrivalled views towards the Atlantic.  Where birds of prey often sweep below you on the warm thermals whilst you look out over the stunning Andalucían countryside.

A stroll through town will take you down narrow cobbled residential streets to enjoy a coffee or a cold beer and a spot of people watching on the main village square.


Oblivious to the hectic pace of modern life, it seems that time has stood still in Medina Sidonia.  Where sharing conversation and laughter with family and friends over tapas and a cold Sherry takes priority over work and provides a tonic for the soul.

A place from which to explore

Medina Sidonia is perfectly located to use as a base from which you can explore the many delights of this diverse area, wether it be visiting the white villages hidden in the valleys of Sierra de Grazalema or walking the breathtaking beaches of the Costa de la Luz Golfing, walking, there is always something for everyone in this little known area of Andalucía.

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Kirsty Biston

I made Medina Sidonia my home in 2004 when I moved here with my husband from London. We had recently acquired an old period property, Casa de Medina, which we were in the process of renovating at the time and which we now offer as a luxury holiday home.

Over twelve years later wild horses wouldn't drag me away from this beautiful hilltop town, it is a place where my three children have been born and where my businesses have grown and prospered. My philosophy on running a business in Medina Sidonia has been simple. To respect and integrate myself with the local people and utilise their extensive knowledge which is based on generations of tradition and experience.

I now own a successful hotel and restaurant in the town, La Vista de Medina as well as have various holiday rental homes, Andalucía Hideaways. I have led numerous renovation projects within the town and additionally offer a property management service to many clients who have bought houses in Medina Sidonia. 

Creating Medina Sidonia Properties was the next logical step. Over the years I have gathered extensive knowledge of purchasing and renovating properties in the town. I have worked with many tradespeople and understand where to source the correct materials at the right price, combining quality with value for money. I know how to spot a gem when I see one, even if it comes disguised as rock! 

Through building up so many professional and personal relationships over the years, my wide range of local contacts means that I am often the first to know when a property comes up for sale. After visiting each property personally, if I feel it has something special to offer then I will include it in our listings.

My priority today is to match the perfect property to my clients individual needs. To do everything I can to ensure that their decision to buy a property in Medina Sidonia will be one that brings them years of happiness and affection for the town that has become so special to me.

Home is where our story begins

For those who seek a property in this little known part of Southern Spain full of authentic charm, the individually chosen homes for sale at Medina Sidonia Properties offer modern conveniences and building standards combined with delightful period features that give each of the properties their own personality and appeal.

We also focus on renovating old historic buildings which have been subject to the beatings of time and can be turned into a sanctuary of peace and tranquility.

Below are listed the philosophies that act as guidelines to our work:

We wish to "Bespoke Design", Medina Sidonia Properties are marked by the attention to detail that goes into their restoration and styling. They also stand out for their individuality, featuring quality construction and personalised touches that make each project unique.

We ensure a "Smart Build", the best materials are sourced throughout Spain and combined with the highest construction standards to ensure that Medina Sidonia Properties not only look beautiful, but are also solid, durable, comfortable and easy to maintain. Creative skill is matched with technical know-how through our professional building and architectural firms – a partnership that produces a seamless final concept from design through to execution.

We hire workers with skilled "Craftsmanship", Medina Sidonia Properties makes use of carefully selected local craftsmen and professionals. You can have a look at Jose María Calderón one of the well respected architects with whom we work in Medina Sidonia. 

Whenever possible original materials are used and restored, with retired masters training a new generation of skilled workers to ensure the historic features of all our properties are redeemed to the highest standard. We champion historic features in all our properties because they create a timeless value that reinforces every property's character and uniqueness.

We make your "Individual Requirements" a priority, Medina Sidonia Properties is a small business offering a personalised approach, dedicated to finding you the right home for your lifestyle. But the commitment doesn't end there it continues beyond the purchase process with a personalised management and maintenance service that offers optimal value for money and ensures complete peace of mind over your investment.

If you would like to discuss in depth about what we do and how we can assist you in your search for a home, please don't hesitate in contacting us, we are always happy to talk.